White Heat (1949) – Pop up screening!

Kino Art will screen this gangster classic in the former penitentiary (Káznice) on Cejl. There’s no better place to watch this film in.

(Over)Eating Through Brno

November has two bird-based holidays. One is the perfect way to taste and experience the CR, the other is one of the few things I miss about America.

Get ready for Brexit

The Czech government recommends getting your residence card sorted. Here’s how.

Death Through Brno

Halloween has only recently arrived in the CR. There is a much older tradition – dušičky. Cemeteries will be lit by thousands of candles on Friday.

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brno welcome guide


Welcome guide & Brno business facts

Brno is the second largest city in the Czech Republic. It offers high-quality employment opportunities (watch a 4-minute video on doing business here), safe environment, excellent public transport, wide range of education options and rich cultural and recreational opportunities.

brno bussiness facts


BECome local with us

We help skilled foreign professionals and their families who live and work in Brno, or plan to do so, to settle down in the area.

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