References & testimonials

Honeywell, Katie Rubottom

I am very impressed with the engagement the BEC team has with our company and employees and their openness to learn more about our needs and propose solutions to help our employees. The professionalism, products and services the BEC brings to Brno is truly an amazing asset for the city and its newcomers!

Red Hat, Tyler Golden

Our employees have found the consulting provided by the BEC to be invaluable in their relocation process. Having the support of BEC allows us to confidently recruit highly skilled engineers that might otherwise not consider relocation to Brno.

IBM, David Belinko

As one of the most multicultural and diverse delivery centres of its kind on the globe, IBM’s Client Innovation Centre in Brno finds having a partner that understands the needs of those from home invaluable. BEC goes a long way towards making expats assimilate and feel at home faster. 

AT&T, Jakub Kovalský

BEC helps our foreign employees to overcome the practical daily challenges, which can be natural to local nationals, with a smile on everybody’s face. Organization with such a mission and expertize is instrumental in increasing the attractiveness of Brno, South Moravian Region outside of the Czech Republic and help local businesses to grow and to further develop the region., Lucie Chladová is founded on employees coming from 50+ countries and allows millions of customers to explore places they have never been to. Cooperating with BEC makes sense to us in many ways. We strive for open and bias-free society where all people have the same possibility to succeed. Brno is a wonderful place to live in and having people from other countries around makes it even closer to our heart. On top of that, we do enjoy BEC events. A lot!

Infosys, Malgorzata Bogucka

Your flexibility saves us loads of time when adapting newcomers to the work environment and the city of Brno itself. We are pleased that, despite being a small team, you manage to provide individual care and so help to represent Infosys and Brno significantly.

Lufthansa InTouch, Roman Tesař

We consider the Brno Expat Centre’s work beneficial not only to our company, but also to the city of Brno, especially as an important part of its strategic plan. We are grateful to the municipality for its support of the BEC.

Thermo Fisher Scientific, Renata Millerová

BEC not only helps expats and their families but also connects international companies to share their expertise and experience. The support and advice on all kinds of expat-related issues saves time and capacity of our specialists. BEC proactively seeks new opportunities to make life of our foreign colleagues in the Czech Republic more comfortable.


I can’t thank you enough for all the help, really. BEC is great and I recommend it to every foreigner I know.

Ted and Teona

Thank you for everything. It’s good to know that there are people like you in the city.


Thank you for your amazing welcome seminar! It was so helpful and you made me feel much more comfortable nad excited to live in this lovely city.


Thank you for your commitment. After this case I’ve truly realised the importance of Brno Expat Centre. You’re providing fantastic guidance to make a foreigner’s life easier. 


Merci beaucoup! You perfectly cleared my doubts and questions about having a car in ČR. As usual great service from BEC!


A big thanks for arranging the golf event. It was great fun, the weather was excellent, and the course in top condition. Looking forward to further events in the future!


I had the best service and best help from Jan and Michaela. I could have not dealt with the labour office myself. I strongly believe that BEC is the first public service foreigners should contact in case of need, as they provide wide range of support on all life matters. Keep up the good work! Thank you!


Thank you for your time yesterday. I really appreciate that you just heard me out. Sometimes it is more important than any advice.


The Welcome Guide is a fantastic piece of work. It was a great read for someone who has been here for a while and bothered you personally with a lot of the questions it answers.


I had the pleasure to attend the Trebíč & Dalešice brewery trip and the cemetery walk with Don. Those were some of the most pleasant moments of my 14-month stay here!


Thanks for all the help guys, you do a fantastic job! Your name travels around Brno for being very good at solving issues.


The Vietnamese evening was lovely, from the food cooked by Kim to the “guided tour” of their place given by her husband in a friendly, informal atmosphere. A big thank you to all who put it together!


I am grateful for your help to resolve authority issues. I was applying for maternity benefit for my spouse and without your involvement, the application wouldn’t have been successful.


Thank you for putting together such a lovely event as was the BEC season opening 2015. I am very excited to be living in a culturally vibrant city! Even though I have only been here for a little over three weeks, I feel so comfortable in Brno.


I honestly think that without you we would be in huge stress and a mess regarding our rental situation. Many of my friends recommended to always ask the BEC for advice first, and look for a lawyer with you. Foreigners in Brno rely on your services and really trust in them. Thank God for good professionals!


Thanks for all of that information. I will follow up the contacts you provided. I have booked Pilates, aqua aerobics, lap swimming, and language lessons at the places you suggested. In other words I am feeling quite at home.


I read through some of the infosheets that you have compiled and I must say that those contain some of the most valuable expat-friendly information I have come across on the Internet. My (Red) Hat is off to you for the great work!


In the BEC they helped me register my car here in the Czech Republic. I would like to thank them for an outstanding service, for their knowledge, for being so serious and punctual with our meetings, and for all the informations they provided. A big thank you.


I don’t even know how to thank you! It’s absolutely excellent what you are doing. I am really thankful for your help. It’s very difficult to start a life in a new country and this type of support is something that makes all the difference.


This is the first time I have attended your event and I must say I was impressed. “Leisure time in Brno” helped me gain access to something different – I can now take my Czech wife and our son to places they have never been to.


They really just speak Czech at the Immigration Office. If it wasn’t for you, the day could have been tough. Your help was phenomenal, thank you so much. I have never heard of an organisation so helpful and kind when it comes to helping a foreigner. I am beyond thankful for having found you!


I am an American who lived in Brno through 2012. I cannot express how impressed and thankful I am for the Brno Expat Centre. I struggled to find reliable information about my visa, trade license, and taxes until I found the BEC. I was shocked to find that consultation services were free and was extremely impressed with the quality of service provided at the BEC. It is an incredible initiative with incredible, passionate people dedicated to it. I have recommended and will continue to recommend the BEC to expats in Brno. I hope to see it funded for many years to come so it can continue its wonderful services for the growing expat community.


The BEC team are great ambassadors for Brno, and their contribution has ensured that I’ve relocated to my company’s Brno office for much longer than I might have chosen to otherwise!


Nice job with the program this evening! You guys are really a great help to expats in Brno. I wish there had been something like this when I came 100 years ago – but I’m glad to see so many people much more comfortable because of your help.


I really admire and appreciate the work the BEC does to make life in Brno exciting and easier for foreigners. I really enjoyed attending your events and getting to know other people through them. Keep up the excellent work!


Not only the English infosheets online helped me much but also the informal meetings that make it possible to meet other foreigners and locals, as well as the personal support of the Brno Expat Centre when having more complex tasks.

Also the homepage and social media sites are really well done. It was always possible to get in touch with the BEC people and the contacts were positive at all times. They are well trained and interculturally sensitive.

I hope the BEC and City of Brno will continue their extremely successful role. I can only recommend the BEC to every foreigner bringing their work power for the gain of Brno and the Czech Republic.

Alexey, Russia

Hi folks, thanks a million for the tones of useful information that had helped me to settle down in Brno.

Elena, Romania

Thank you very much for all your help. I have to stress out the fact that your website is great, there is a pool of information available for foreigners from all areas.

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