Residence card and the Immigration office

Foreigners from outside the EU/EFTA coming with a visa sticker allowing them to enter the country and receive a residence card upon arrival (typically an Employee Card – Zaměstnanecká karta) will need to visit the Immigration Office of the Ministry of the Interior within three days to pick up a residence card.

EU citizens may – this is not obligatory – apply for a Temporary Residence Certificate (Potvrzení o přechodném pobytu) at the Immigration Office; their family members may apply for a Temporary Residence Permit (Povolení k přechodnému pobytu) at the same office. Once you have your residence card, don’t forget to report any changes regarding your residence address, name, family status or purpose of stay within 30 days. And never forget to apply for the extension in time – 120 to 30 days before the expiration date in the case of the employee card and 90 to 0 days prior to the expiration date of all other long-term residency permits.

The Brno branch of the Immigration Office of the Ministry of the Interior is located at Hněvkovského 65. Arranging an appointment at 543 214 316 may save you considerable waiting time. More information about residence cards can be found at the Immigration Office website.

For more details on immigration issues regarding temporary residence for EU nationals and permanent residence status, you can download the infosheets on immigration. If you don’t find what you’re looking for there, send us an inquiry.

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