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The Brno Expat Centre offers skilled foreign professionals and their families who live and work in Brno or plan to do so:

Frequently asked questions


Do I need to register with any authority when living in Brno?
Yes, you do. As a European Union citizen you need to register your address with the Foreign Police within the first 30 days after your arrival in the country (unless you’re staying in a hotel, where they do it for you). If you are a non-EU Citizen you have to register within the first 3 days after your arrival. Read more in our Obligation to register summary.

Can you help me with my visa / temporary / long-term residence permit?
We will be happy to help you understand the basic requirements and options, as well as provide you with important contacts. However, we cannot arrange the visa or residence permit for you. If necessary, we can direct you to an expert in migration law or a reliable agency that arranges visas and residence permits for a fee.

Can you help me find an apartment or a job?
We can give you a list of trusted real estate or employment agencies. Also we can share our knowledge and tips concerning the basic options for foreigners in Brno. We have links with relocation and real estate businesses that have experience helping foreigners. We cannot search for a house or job for you, though. See more general information about searching for accommodation  and looking for a job.

Do you help with starting up a business?
Yes, we are able to draw on information from city offices, regional offices and local finance consultants to give you a clear picture as to what is required when starting a business and what the elementary market demands are. Read more about how to obtain a trade licence or start up a limited liability company.

I need help with taxes. I worked as a freelancer, now I am employed but the employer does not want to process a tax return (“daňové přiznání”) for me. What do I have to do?
You have to fill in the tax return with a help of an accountant. We can put you in touch with one that speaks English, as well as find you a tax consultant with initial consultation free of charge. The tax return needs to be filled once a year, always before the end of March for the preceding year.

How do I find a doctor?
We can help you find an English-speaking doctor, specialist or dentist. There also are some international clinics in Brno. We can explain the requirements for medical insurance, too. See a general summary on health matters.

How can I register a car?
The process is different for imported and domestic cars. Cars purchased in the Czech Republic are easy to register at the local city hall. You need a certificate of conformity, proof of insurance cover, proof of ownership and your long-term permit with a personal number (“rodné číslo”). When importing a car you need an extra technical check in a certified garage (STK). Please contact us for more details.

Do I have to pay for consultation at your office?
No, but you need to be a registered member. Basic consultations for individuals from all countries living in Brno are free. International companies can enjoy priority services provided to their foreign employees (including welcome seminars, assistance and interpreting in meetings etc.).

Why do I have to register on your website?
So that you are able to send us an inquiry through a form, download informative infosheets or sign up for our events. All registered members also receive a monthly newsletter with entertaining reading and a list of tips on what is happening in the city.

Do you organize any expat gatherings?
Indeed we do! Every month there are either expert seminars on useful topics, informal gatherings, guided walks or trips. We can put you in touch with the right people for any specific activity you may want to start. See the upcoming events.

What can I do in Brno as a foreigner?
Tons of stuff. Have a look at our suggestions on arts and culture or tell us specifically what you’re looking for!