Accommodation and property

The easiest and safest way to look for accommodation is to use the services of a real estate agency. Such services will cost you, the client, approximately one month’s rent.

Also, you should be ready to pay one to three months’ rent as a security deposit (returnable at the end of your lease) plus at least the first month’s rent. Of course you may want to search for your accommodation independently, online (usually in Czech) or via international communities.

The main points to keep in mind are who you are dealing with; the actual ownership of the property; the wording of the lease, its specific conditions and its duration; the rent and the security deposit; and the hand-over protocol.

Rental practices in the Czech Republic, together with a list of English-speaking real estate agents and tips for independent search, are described in detail in the infosheet on accommodation and property. If you don’t find what you’re looking for there, send us an inquiry.


  1. Nathan Brown - CZECH POINT 101

    Thanks for this clear explanation of the fundamentals.

    Many are still confused about this change in the law regarding non-EU citizens being able to purchase property without restriction. Even many in the Land Registry are confused about this.

    One note of caution about renting when you need a visa is that some flats offered for rent are of a cooperative type ownership (called in Czech družstevní vlastnictví). This means that the owner’s name cannot be directly found in the Land Registry. In this case the owner belongs to a cooperative and the cooperative owns the building. Usually one of the owners is appointed to act in behalf of the cooperative. In such a case the Foreign Police will often ask for a declaration signed by this head of the cooperative when you are proving your accommodation address. It is a good idea to check on this before signing the rental contract because it can sometimes be complicated to get this permission.


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