In the Czech Republic, pre-school facilities cater to children aged 3 to 6. Compulsory education goes from the age of 6 to 15. Secondary schools cater to young people from 16 to 19. The school year runs from 1 September until 30 June. Except for the pre-school level, the Czech educational system is overwhelmingly public and free of charge. Educational institutions that offer teaching solely in a language other than Czech will be private, and hence charge fees.

Pre-schooling: It’s difficult to get your child accepted into a public pre-school facility unless s/he’s scheduled to attend primary school in the following school year, you live in the city district where the facility is located and your child is able / willing to function in a Czech-speaking milieu. The official registration period is February-May via a central website; however, it is advised to contact the chosen pre-schools in advance. In all other cases, i.e. children younger than 5 years of age, not speaking Czech or wanting to attend preschool in a different part of the city, you usually have to resort to a private provider.

The only school with English as its sole teaching language (for kindergarten to year 13 students) is the private International School of Brno. Most schools where the teaching is in Czech will welcome non-Czech-speaking children and do their best to integrate them into the classroom teaching process. One school is more professionally geared to working with children from a non-Czech background. Located at Staňkova 14, it has special classes of Czech for foreigners and also includes intercultural programmes in the curriculum. Registration for the following school year takes place each January-February via a central website.

For more information you can read an article on graduating from a high school written by our American blogger. Also download the infosheet on schools and preschool facilities with list of recommended kindergartens and schools. If you don’t find what you’re looking for there, send us an inquiry.

If you’re looking for a Czech course, try the Correct Language Centre or Mr. Kompliment from our Referral Programme. Foreigners from outside of the EU can also take free Czech courses with the South Moravian Regional Centre for the Integration of Foreigners. There are two articles on learning Czech on our blog, too.


  1. Maria

    My husband and my son will be relocating to Brno from South Africa, in February. We are looking for a English medium school for my son. He is 16 years of age. I have browse the web for a possible English medium school, but to no avail. Can somebody please advice?

    1. Jan Kopkas

      Hello Maria,
      I have just sent you an Infosheet with contacts on on grammar schools with English classes. There is no full English programme at any high school in Brno yet. Your son would have to start learning Czech or hire private tutor…
      Good luck and all best in the following year!

  2. Alina

    is it possible to have my University degree and Master degree recognized? I’m from Romania and my husband has a job offer in Brno.

  3. Alina

    I’m a teacher in Romania. I teach English. I was wandering if I could do the same job in Brno…although I don’t speak Czech.

  4. Jan Kopkáš

    Hello Alina,
    your degree can be recognized via process of “nostrifikace”. Masaryk university rectorate does it.
    There are many language schools and many expats (usually native speakers though) teach English withou knowing a word in Czech. You could teach English. Depends on your skills and what schools you get into.
    We can give you some list of language schools and contacts where to go once you get here.

  5. Jeremy Chevray

    Hi all,

    I just wanted to share an experience towards a primary English/Czech school in Brno Kohoutivice Safirka School. My 5 years old daughter is now starting her last year there before the primary school.

    I must admit, my kid is feeling great there, she is having fun, has good friends, and makes a lot of activities.

    Sounds good, however, from a parents side, it is another story. There is a huge organization gap. An obvious lack of professionalism.

    They are simply not assuming some of their responsibilities, and will ask you to pay each loss they had in different way.

    Also blaming parents when we can’t leave work earlier 2 or 3 times a month to participate in their event. They are not taking care of parent plannings at all, as a private school, you pay a monthly fee, fair enough, but you pay more when your kid spends less time when they planned extra vacations for their staff. (bank holiday bridge, etc) Not all parents are following the Czech bank holiday and even if, we can’t always take the bridge day. Based on their feedback, we are not good parents.

    I have a long list of facts happening there really disappointing for the parents, I thought because I was a foreigner, only I got this dissatisfaction feeling towards the school organization. But no, I had the chance to speak with many other parents and complains remain the same even for native Czech parents.

    I will not move my kid to another school for only few month left there, but would advise everyone not to choose this one. Not worth it at all.



  6. nora


    Do you help with finding a driving school as well ?


    1. Jan Kopkáš

      Hello Nora,

      go to the Members section and download an Infosheet on Driving. There are couple driving schools listed.


  7. Ariel Edgardo Carosella

    Hello, I will be in Brno in November, my son has 4 years old and he speak spanish only, with my wife we are looking for a school for the first year and we think in a private English school, can you send me a list?

    1. Jan Kopkáš

      please download the Infosheet on Schools and pre-school activities from
      This will provide you with a list of schools, kindergartens and all you need to know about the education system.


  8. Maria-Alexandra Porcisteanu

    I would like to have some Czech language classes and i am not sure which are coreect institutions for doing this.
    Can you please help me?
    Thank you,
    Havr a good day!

    1. Anna Sedláčková

      Hi Maria-Alexandra,

      Try the Correct Language Centre or Mr. Kompliment from our Referral Programme. Foreigners from outside of the EU can also take free Czech courses with the South Moravian Regional Centre for the Integration of Foreigners. There is an article on learning Czech on our blog, too.



  9. ehab ezzat

    Hi everybody, I am moving to Brno with my wife in February. We have two kids who only speak English and Arabic. My son is 9 and my daughter is 13 years old. The only Internationale school in Brno is extremely expensive. Will the grammer schools accept children of the age of my children?? What is the teaching language of these schools?

    1. Anna Sedláčková

      Hi Reham,

      The teaching language at all other elementary schools in Brno is Czech. There are a few foreign language options for high school education, e.g. a programme in French or Spanish or some with a number of subjects in English.

      At this point, I recommend you enrol your children at ZŠ Staňkova that integrates foreign children even with zero knowledge of Czech.

      The school will sign your children up at any time of the year and they can start the next day. Usually they put pupils a year below their current grade to make the transition easier for them. There are no admission tests.

      They can attend free Czech lessons twice a week there, even when not enrolled at the school yet. Once they are students of the school, they can also take one lesson of free tutoring per week.

      You can contact them at Feel free to communicate in English.



      P.S. In the future, please contact us through the inquiry form on our webpage:

  10. ehab ezzat

    Hi everybody,

    I would like to inquire about whether it is possible to get the employment card for my wife who has a long term visa in case she finds a suitable job in Brno. In case this is visible, is this done via the foreign police or another authority?

    Thanks for replying and have a good day!

  11. Jan Kopkáš

    Dear Ehab,

    this is not a place for inquiries. If you wish to contact the Brno Expat Centre’s consultants you need to register and send inquiry through:

  12. ehab ezzat

    Dear Anna,

    Many thanks for your reply. I will contact the school and see what they can offer.

    Best regards,


  13. Luiz Marton


    At Brno, is there any school that has Czech and English language teaching concomitantly ? My son is 10 years old and I believe it would be easier to attend to a school that teach english also. At least until he start learning Czech, that´ll be most advisable. Is that also indicate the cost for this ?

    Thanks a lot

    1. Jan Kopkáš

      Dear Luiz, please download the Infosheet on School and preschool facilities to see the options. There is one (private ISOB) school fully in English. Othere schools may have integration programme for foreign children to help them learn Czech quickly but don’t teach in Czech and English simultaneously.

  14. Hala Abdulrazek

    Hello , I am an English teacher living in Brno sine the ends of 2015 and still searching for work at school . I graduated fron Faculty of English , Egypt university and I ask about schools for kids or adults which accept to employe me as a teacher . I need the list of schools in Brno and may you show me the best way to apply for this schools?

    1. Anna Sedláčková

      Hi Hala,

      I recommend you start by looking at our overview of private pre-schools ( and check out our infosheets on language schools and schools ( If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please send us an inquiry (



  15. Hala Abdulrazek

    Hello Anna,
    I do thank you sooo much . I got the link and I am already working for S.R.O preschool for more than a year . But I need your help to show me how to start a business in Matreska Škola. I liked my job so much and I am really thinking about opening a matreska škola and I want to kniw details about how to get financial assist from Czeck institutions and how the get a good place for this project . Can you please send me and tell me where should I go for at first and can you send me some useful links to gelp me study this project exactly ? I will wait your reply and thank you again

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