Registering with the Foreign police


All foreigners, whether from outside the EU or EU citizens, are legally obliged to register their place of accommodation with the Foreign Police (FP) unless an accommodation provider (hotel, hostel, dormitory) has registered them in their books.

EU/EFTA citizens and their family members

EU citizens and their family members planning to stay in the Czech Republic for more than 30 days must register their place of residence in this country with the Foreign Police within that period (unless you have been registered by your accommodation provider/receptionist). Here in Brno the Foreign Police are located at Cejl 62b (locate on a map). Bring just your passport  or ID with you and fill in the little form at the counter. Make sure you know your exact address and the name of your accommodation provider (landlord). Subsequent change of the address has to be reported in 30 days to the Foreign police again, unless a certificate of temporary residence was issued – in that case you deal directly with the Immigration office.

If you intend to stay in the country for more than three months, you have the right to apply for a certificate of temporary residence (“potvrzení o přechodném pobytu”). This is done at the regional Immigration office of the Ministry of the Interior (located at Hněvkovského 65, locate on a map).  Though possession of the certificate is not obligatory, you will find that it may well simplify your life in the future, because it goes with the much needed “rodné číslo“. Together with the residence certificate you are applying for a Czech personal birth number “rodné číslo“. This is useful, for example, for such things as obtaining a mortgage or registering your car you will require this certificate, or if you should wish to take out permanent residence in the Czech Republic down the line sometime, the certificate will provide proof of the length of your stay in this country.

 Citizens from “third countries”

Foreigners from outside the EU and EFTA must register (“start”) their visa with the Foreign Police (Cejl 62b, locate on a map) within three working days of their arrival to the country (unless you have been registered by your accommodation provider/receptionist). You just show your passport, your long-term visa and fill in the little form at the counter. Make sure you know your exact address and the name of your accommodation provider (landlord).

First long-term visas are issued only at a Czech embassy, ie. of the CR, likely in your home country. Residence permits (long term, temporary, permanent) following the long-term visas are issued at the Immigration office of the Ministry of the Interior (located at Hněvkovského 65, locate on a map). Arranging appointment beforehand may save you couple hours of waiting time. More information about the residence permits are to be found directly at the Immigration’s office website:

For more details, your options and duties you can download the infosheet on registering with the Foreign Police. If you don’t find what you’re looking for there, send us an inquiry.


  1. D.M.

    For EU citizens, is it possible to apply for the certificate of temporary residence directly AND skip registering with the Foreign Police?

    In other words, if you opt for the certificate of temporary residence, do you still have to do both things?

    I am asking this to avoid going to two places during work hours.


    1. Jan Kopkáš


      legally yes. You have to register with the Foreign police first and then go to the Immigration office.

      However, if you are “not problematic” and going there in less than 30 days (legal period for EU citizens to register with the Foreign police) after your arrival, they will both register you at the Immigration office and then accept the application for the Certificate of temporary residence.
      In that case make sure your documents like housing or work contract don’t reveal you have been here longer.


      1. lex

        Thank you very much for providing this useful information.

        Could you please clarify whether you should go to the Immigration Office or the Foreign Police to both register with the Foreign Police and apply for temporary residence at the same time? Also, is it still possible to do both in one place?

        1. Jan Kopkáš (Post author)

          If you apply for the Temporary residence certificate for EU citizen, you can skip the registration with the FP.

  2. Dan Cadar


    Maybe someone could help me with something – I’m an EU citizen, I got my temporary residence permit 4 years ago, but I did not get a “rodne cislo” – in the temporary residence certificate there is just a dash instead my rodne cislo. Does anyone knows what do I have to do to get this rodne cislo?

    Thank you.

    1. Jan Kopkáš

      Dear Dan,

      what usually happens is that the resident card is issued and handed over to you without the “rodne cislo” because it is different department issuing this and they take longer (like an extra month).
      So I guess your rodne cislo is already issued and waiting for you at the Immigration. You need to go there and ask for it. They will print it out for you. Just bring your residence card.

      You can ask if they have the rodne cislo and set up appointment at the Brno Immigration office at tel: 543 214 316 or 974 620 831.

      Good luck and let me know if you need any more help!

  3. Jan Kopkáš

    Dear Dario,

    The embassy want to see some certificate of your legal bound to the Czech republic so they accept your visa application in Prague and not in the country of your (legal) residence. Ask them, if any other document would do.

    You are correct in assuming you have to apply for the Certificate of temporary residence for an EU citizen. You apply at the Immigration office (Hnevkovskeho) and wait for about a month. You may submit a letter with the application requesting a faster proceeding but that is without any guarantee.
    And no, Foreign police (Cejl) cannot issue that. They will only stamp your passport if you register your address with them.

    “Povolení k přechodnému pobytu rodinného příslušníka občana EU” is a residence permit for EU family members.
    “Potvrzení k přechodnému pobytu občana EU” is a certificate for EU nationals.
    “Trvalý pobyt” Permanent residence can be requested in general after five years of your residence in the CZ and doesn’t actually give you any more rights than you have as an EU citizen. But it is a milestone on a way to the citizenship.

    Don’t hesitate to contact me if any questions.


  4. Daniel Jamro


    I have been here little bit longer than the 30 days.. 2y to be exact but did not register any where… how big will this be a problem now that I want to register and get temp residence here in Brno?


    1. Jan Kopkáš

      Hi Daniel,

      the worst case scenario, to an EU citizan, would be a fine for such offence for up to 3.000czk.


  5. Daniel Jamro

    Hi, just thought I give all an update here. I had no troubles whatsoever and have all papers now 🙂

    Hezký vikend!

  6. andics

    Is there some place/ possibility to raise the attention to the fact that the people working at the Foreign Police/ Immigration office on Hněvkovského 30/65 are refusing to communicate, even on a basic level in English, for example my friend was told (in Czech) not to even dare to leave his phone number on the forms, but leave a phone number of a person who speaks Czech. Is there some way we could make a complaint/ raise this issue at some institution of the EU? Or is this considered normal and acceptable in a EU country office when dealing with EU citizens? Thank you.

    1. Jan Kopkáš

      Dear Andics,

      I am with you and we wish the Immigration office spoke some English or at least give it a try but there is no obligation for government offices in any EU country to speak other than official national language(s). In the CR the official languages are Czech and Slovak. Perhaps some municipalities with significant number of recognized minority group members (eg. Polish minority in North Moravia) accept document in the minority language.

  7. Gabriel Belmonte

    Hello, I have obtained permanent residency in the last year and now I’m planning on changing flats and what I’ve come to find out is that there are owners who do not want people with “trvaly pobyt”. Could anybody tell me why this is?
    Also, is it really necessary for them to know my status? whether temporary or permanent residency? Is there a way to bypass it?

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Jan Kopkáš

      Dear Gabriel,

      congratulations to the permanent residency!

      This is a common misunderstanding. The term “trvaly pobyt” for Czech citizens (and property owners too) means an official administrative address written on the national ID. Any tenant with a housing contract “najemni smlouva” can register at the city hall for “trvaly pobyt” in that city with a housing contract at hand and no clause in the contract would prevent that. Some old-school landlords don’t want it, because they think it is a risk in case a tenant breaks a law or owes some money. However, it would be a problem even if such tenant didn’t have permanent residence address registered there but it is factual place where he lives.

      On the other hand, the permanent residence “trvalý pobyt” for foreigners is a legal residence status. Nothing to do with rights or obligations regarding housing address.
      You have to prove your residence address in the CR, with a housing contract or confirmation from the owner, for any type of residence card.

      You don’t have to inform your landlord on what is your residence status in the CR.

      It is jus a term confusion and I can explain it your landlords if they call me 🙂

  8. Willasean1

    I have a temporary residency in the czech republic until 19.09.2016
    I got it because my wife is Czech.
    My question is can I apply for a Czech nationality?
    We are married for 4 years already
    Thank you

    1. Lucia Konôpková

      Dear Willa,

      thank you for contacting us.
      First of all, sorry for replying a bit later – we must have overlooked your comment. Please, in the future, register on our website and then contact us via an online inquiry form – we will be able to respond much quicker. Link below:

      As for your question, permanent residence is available for individuals who have stayed in Czech Republic continuously for the period of time longer than 5 years in case of EU citizens. However, the EU and EFTA citizens´ family members – your case, I suppose – (who are otherwise third country nationals) are eligible to request permanent residence after 2 years of continuous stay in Czech Republic and being family member of Czech or EU/EFTA for at least one year.

      You can read more about the actual procedure of applying in our infosheet Immigration: Permanent Residence that – once registered on our website – you can download for free from our website:

      Good luck and have a lovely evening,


  9. Aled Long

    Don’t know if I can be bothered to register with the foreign police. I can see no benefit in doing so whatsoever. They are not open at the weekend, so I would lose time at work during core working hours to get there and they don’t have any other means of registration i.e. online.
    Who is this supposed to benefit? Certainly not me.
    Legally an obligation can mean many things, there is no breach of criminal law, or civil law come to think of it. Just seems like an outdated waste of my time and theirs too. Plus how secure is the information they hold, whom do they share it with, how long is it kept on record?
    Best them minding their own business really, what they don’t know can’t hurt them or me….

  10. Sofiane Bernin

    Please, i need a help from the Brno Expat Member relate to the topic personal birth number “rodné číslo“ .
    I apply 4 months ago in foreign police get stamp on my EU passport and went to Immigration office .
    I receive a green paper without personal birth number “rodné číslo“ or plastic card .
    Any one can help me about next step to receive my personal birth number “rodné číslo“ or the temporary plastic ID Card

  11. Jan Kopkáš (Post author)

    Dear Sofiane,

    you have received a Certificate of temporary residence for EU nationals. The “rodné číslo” is automatically requested with the residence card (there is no plastic card for EU citizens), however, it usually arrives couple weeks later.
    You can visit the Immigration office with your Certificate and ask for print out of your “rodné číslo”. They will give it to you on the spot.

    Kind regards,

    1. Sofiane Bernin

      Thank you Jan Kopkáš for your support

  12. Barbora Husarikova


    I just have one quick question. Is it really so that foreigners from the EU need to bring just their ID or passport for the registration? Is an accomodation contract really not needed? I know for a fact that my accommodation provider will not register me, so I am just wondering… I mean, it would be wonderful news if ID was the only thing to bring, but I would like to be sure, mainly to know if I need to get the contract traslated or not (as I do not have it in Czech).

    Thanks in advance,


    1. Jan Kopkáš (Post author)

      Dear Barbora,

      All foreigners, whether from outside the EU or EU citizens, are legally obliged to register their place of accommodation with the Foreign Police (FP) unless an accommodation provider (hotel, hostel, dormitory) has registered them in their books.
      Here in Brno the Foreign Police are located at Cejl 62b (locate on a map). Bring just your passport or ID with you and fill in the little form at the counter. Make sure you know your exact address and the name of your accommodation provider (landlord).

      For more details, your options and duties you can download the infosheet on registering with the Foreign Police.

      Kind regards,

      1. Barbora Husarikova

        Thank you!

  13. Peter Hampel

    Do you need a temporary permit or police registration receipt to file a first tax return or you can just file it ?

    1. Jan Kopkáš (Post author)

      No, you don’t need registration or permit to file a tax return.

  14. Nebojsa Zekovic

    Hi All,

    I am currently being interviewed for a job in Brno and chances are I will be moving there within the next few months. Now, me being a third country national, I have a couple of questions regarding the aforementioned registration at the Foreign Police department:

    1) How do they expect us to complete the registration within the first 3 days? I mean, is it expected of a non EU citizen to find a rental and procure all the necessary paperwork in such a short period of time. I would really like to know how the rest of you guys/gals took care of this.

    2)How will they know the exact date of entry into Czech Rep if I were to travel through Hungary by a car? Will they just look at my passport for the date when I entered Hungary and assume I entered Czech Rep on the same day?

    and finally

    3) is it really a possibility to register at a local Hotel/Hostel for a temp residence until proper accommodation is acquired

    Sorry for the long post btw.

    Thank you for any answers in advance. Cheers!

    1. Jan Kopkáš (Post author)

      Dear Nebojsa,

      for any inquiry to our consultants please go through the Inquiry form:

      In a short, the article above is about Registering with a foreign police AFTER ARRIVAL WITH YOUR LONG TERM VISA/RESIDENCE CARD. And you need to have the accommodation sorted out before you apply for the visa/residence card at a Czech embassy.


  15. Yihsuan Kuo

    My friend is going to stay in Brno for 4 months and she is required to register at foreign police office within three days upon arrival.

    My question is “does she need to register at a foreign police office in Brno or she can register at the office in Prague as she will go to Prague for the first few days for sightseeing”

    Best regards

    1. Jan Kopkáš (Post author)

      She needs to register within the first three days at any Foreign police in the CR.

  16. Johan Nilsson

    Foreign police link is invalid

    1. Jan Kopkáš (Post author)

      updated. thanks.

  17. Kishan Rao

    Quick question.
    I have been living in Brno for about a year now. my employer helped me with all visa process and relocation they didn’t say anything for registering my accommodation at foreign police, But i have my current accommodation printed on Employment card . do I still have to visit Foreign police?

    Thank you in advance

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